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The only managed data service
your workforce data needs

Our managed data service offering incorporates years of subject matter expertise in HR related data with leading technology tools into a comprehensive data management solution for human resources.



Our team of engineers and business analysts have been building and operating data management solutions related to human resource information for over a decade. Over that period of time we have interacted with all of the major players in payroll, health and welfare, insurance and other workforce related service providers. Each one has been templated

by our team of professionals to provide secure, accurate and repeatable integration solutions for your workforce data.




Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Payroll Integration

We can quickly and efficiently setup data integration service between your internal or externally hosted HR systems with your payroll provider(s) using our proven method for secure and repeatable communication. We have templates for ADP, Ceridian, Celergo, Ultimate and many other payroll solutions ready to go.

HRMS | HCM Integration

Employee data is one of the most widely used data sets within any organization. Keeping information accurate and updated is critical. By using our HRDataXchange managed service we integrate your HCM data (performance, comp, recruitment, succession) and Core HRMS data seamlessly. In addition to seamless data integration we also provide a view into your data that no one system can provide by creating a comprehensive set of all of your workforce related data regardless of the system of record.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Integration

Our managed service offering acts as an aggregation point for all of the related ACA compliance information. Utilizing the latest in secure data transmission, we can interact with internal and third party data sources on the customer’s behalf. We aggregate and transform all data sets needed for ACA compliance processing.

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